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A Bundle of 6 Love Inspired Paperback books

$ 9.00  includes postage

Send check or money order to: paypal  prov31lady2004@yahoo.com

Or request a list of books that I have, and pick the ones you want. 

Kimberly Gentry

800 Liberty St. Apt 313

Petersburg, IN 47567

HI, I am hosting a Avon Event called Kimberly’s Rainy Day Fund.    Go to this site and shop some great Avon Bargains.

http://www.youravon.com/mmartin3538   Use each time you shop CODE- Gentry1234
Go to the ONLINE EVENTS tab at the top of that page, click that tab. Then find my even Kimberly’s Rainy Day Fund , remember to use code Gentry1234 when you checkout.  Each person who shops here will be contributing to Angel Card Project.